About Us

Our Story

All for Tech is a tech-focused initiative born from the struggles of its founders, who navigated the challenging tech landscape without much guidance.

  • Recognizing the need for mentorship and practical learning, we embarked on a mission to empower individuals by using real community problems as tech case studies.
  • All for Tech's journey epitomizes resilience, innovation, and community empowerment, transforming tech enthusiasts into leaders and lighting the path for others in the tech world.

Community Members






Digital Literacy

Train talents in digital skills so that they can contribute to using technology for social good


To partner with the government, nonprofits, and other relevant institutions to address our local issues

Tech for Social Good

To leverage technology to solve social issues in the community.

Promoting Digital Inclusion

Fostering inclusivity and bridging the digital divide to ensure equitable access and participation in the digital age


Support partners in their projects and programs especially where tech intervention is needed.

Combat Unemployment

Create employment opportunities through project initiatives, partnerships, and stakeholder engagements

Our Team

At All For Tech, our dedicated team of professionals brings a wealth of experience and passion to the table. United by a shared vision of leveraging technology for social good, we work tirelessly to empower communities, bridge gaps, and drive positive change.

  • Each member of our team is committed to the core values of innovation, inclusivity, and impact.
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