Our Impact

In 2023, our organization’s multifaceted approach—ranging from skill development and environmental conservation to fostering tech dialogue—has made a tangible impact. Through these initiatives, we continue to empower communities, foster environmental stewardship, and promote a culture of innovation and learning.

We have embarked on several impactful projects aimed at creating a positive change in communities. Here are the key highlights:

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1. Tech Training Initiatives

Empowering individuals with essential tech skills, we conducted comprehensive training sessions. Through these programs, participants gained proficiency in areas such as coding, digital literacy, and IT fundamentals. By fostering technological expertise, we are equipping our communities for a brighter, digitally inclusive future.

2. Translation of PenPot App

We undertook the translation of the PenPot design application, making it accessible to a wider audience. This initiative ensures that the benefits of design technology are accessible to diverse linguistic communities in Nigeria. By bridging language barriers, we enhance tech accessibility and understanding.

3. 3kobo

Through our 3kobo project, we meticulously crafted 10,000 specialized tech vocabularies in Hausa language. This effort is aimed at empowering individuals with the language necessary to engage with the digital world effectively. By promoting language inclusivity, we enable better comprehension and utilization of modern technology.

4. Tree Planting Campaign

Our commitment to environmental sustainability led us to plant 50 trees within our communities. These green initiatives not only enhance local biodiversity but also contribute significantly to combating climate change. Each tree planted represents our dedication to creating a greener, healthier planet for current and future generations.

5. Tech Event Series

Hosting a series of five tech events, we facilitated valuable discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities within the tech community. These events served as platforms for innovation, bringing together experts, enthusiasts, and aspiring professionals. Through insightful talks, workshops, and interactive sessions, attendees were inspired and motivated to contribute meaningfully to the ever-evolving tech landscape.


Students Graduated

530 Students enrolled and 205 completed all courses and projects


Trees Planted

285 Trees planted by Students and Mentors


Tech Events Hosted

We have physically and virtually hosted/cohosted 12 tech events


Penpot Phrases Translated

We have translated 1209 phrases in Penpot App for Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo and Arabic